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“So?” Serach  said
“So what?” Zack said, entering the kitchen and grabbing a beer
“So should we go to the creepy cursed carnival or not” Serach’s voice seemed to have a bit more force
“You heard what thumps said” Amora folded her arms “I don’t think we should go”
“Ah, where’s your sense of adventure” Serach flopped on the couch as she walked in the door
the group had been debating about the planned event for the night ever since they had gotten their sodas.  There was an air of unease as they thought about going, and about the town itself.  
“I have to go with Amora here…” Zack started… Crystal held up her hand
“Honestly, I have a feeling Thumps is playing one of his old jokes” Crystal added “if that place is as bad as he claims, how come the town only started to fall apart now?”
“Crys is right… plus how can it make a group of stores fall like that in a month” Aaron added “it doesn’t make sense, it's just a fair, it can’t have that much power”
“Still… it doesn’t feel right…” Amora said
“We just got spooked a bit is all” Serach said “little guy seemed more eager than murderous thinking back on it”
Crystal stretched as she listened to the back and forth about going to the attraction.  She sighed and looked around before walking toward the back door.  “Well I want to look around here a bit more first, didn’t get the chance to do so proper yet” she said “You guys figure it out while I take a walk ok?”
Everyone looked at Crystal as she headed out the back door “sure, you ok cuz…” Zack followed a bit behind jogging
“Yeah, just want to walk down memory lane is all” Crys said “I don’t really feeling like arguing over going somewhere tonight…” with those words she walked off, leaving the blonde to wonder if she was ok.

The night air was still; there was little but the crickets and footsteps as she wandered around the farm, looking for something.  It was small, but it was her’s and her’s alone.  The moon lit the way as she walked down an old, hidden path; listening to the night.   The quiet didn’t last long as the eerie music of a carnival began to waif through the air, bring with it the temptation of joy and the threat of madness.  Crystal stopped as she listened, her blood chilled as the notes began to tap on her spine, dancing a ballet of sorrow and fear as they go.   She quickly turned heel and began to run back; she would rather listen to her friends argue than listen to that tune...
Inside; the group was still bickering over going to the fair.
“we still have a whole summer to decided” Zack pointed out
“we also have a whole house and a huge property to explore” Amora countered
“Plus I don’t think thumps was joking about how bad the fair has made things recently” Aaron added
“How, through some curse?” Search scoffed
It was clear there would be no headway made on the topic that night.  Finally Search sighed… “Look, let’s wait for Crys to come back, see what she says.”  Everyone nodded, since there wasn’t any other option at that moment.  
A short while later Crystal ran in, trying to seem unfazed by the music she heard before; her friends were milling around when they turned to her.
“Hey Crys, your place, your call, should we explore the house or the fair first?” Search asked
“right to the point huh?” Crys asked “you guys couldn’t reach an agreement?”
Everyone shook their heads
“well I say house first for ease of access, we can plan from there” Crys said shrugging “but that’s just what I think”
“Then the fair?” Zack asked uneasy
“Maybe” Crystal said, her voice starting to turn to a whisper “unless…”
“It's settled!” Searched cried “house first then fair”
It was at the point that no one was going to argue; it was too much work and it was late at this point.  It didn’t matter if any of them liked it or not the fair was in their future...
Pills story pt 4
I'm not thrilled with this part, but its more of a start to the next set of events and gives a bit more color to the fair that will feature later on

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The trip to town only took five minutes.  It was a small place, a general store, a deli, a diner and a post office where the main sites to see, along with the government building that served as a one stop dmv, mayor’s office, courthouse and police station.   There was another set of buildings, but it seemed to be abandoned and empty, much like the fair from a few nights ago.  
“Looks like the pizza place is gone” Serach said “hell the sign looks like it was dug up after being in the ground for a few years”

“finally!  Wonder what made it close down for good?” Zack cheered

“Well half the people here were grandma’s age, maybe all the best customers died”  Crystal snarked
“morbid thought” Amora said

“you got a better explanation, that place has been up for years, and got shittier with each passing year” Crystal said  “yet it was always here, always open and always horrid, so something happened that was big enough to kill them”
“Maybe it got to a point where no one could tolerate their food” Aaron thought out loud

“thing was, they were the only place within 20 miles to get pizza, otherwise; you were in for a big drive” Zack pointed down the road “and that’s just for the big chains”

“Why didn’t any open here then, sounds like they would make a killing” Serach tilted her head
“No place for them” Crystal shrugged “up until now all the store fronts were occupied by something; No place to build either, its all houses, farmland or this town”

“Looks like all these stores closed down now” Amora said “When was the last time you guys were here?”

“Yeah, the place looks like it’s been empty for years” Aaron added

“odd since they were all open last year, hell last month when I was here” Crystal said
“really?” Aaron looked a bit skeptical
“yeah… so even if everything has been closed for a year, it shouldn’t look like this” Crystal looked around a bit “hell I can’t even say it was a fire, nothing is burnt”

“Maybe ol’ Thumper might know something…” Zack said

“who’s old thumper?” Amora looked around as she said this

“The clerk in the general store, he carries everything and knows all” Crystal added a bit of waver on her voice and wiggled her fingers as she said this
“ooooh spoooooky” Serach mimicked

“we have to grab a few things there anyways, so might as well go” Aaron thumbed behind him, mentally hitchhiking to the general store

“be nice to see old thumps anyways” Zack said “He was always fun to talk to”

“yeah…  at the least it will be something familiar here” Crystal nodded “plus I wouldn’t mind a soda”

The group walked along, looking around.  The town seemed dead, as if everyone was somewhere else.  They didn’t even see so much as a stray bird, much less another human.
“where is everyone?” Crystal muttered…

“Maybe everyone is working on their farms?” Amora shrugged

“Still, there are often people shopping in the afternoon” Zack said “that or getting the latest news on the street”
“Maybe they get it all from internet?” Aaron joked
“Nah” Zack shook his head “Even with the world wide web, people always came to town to talk and find out who’s getting married, who’s pregnant, that sort of thing”

“slow news day then” Serach muttered looking around “where is this store anyways”
It was then that the old west style building seemed to appear over the horizon.  Unlike the gutted shopping center; it seemed new, clean yet a rustic vibe that said ‘come in’ to the travelers.    The inside of the general store seemed like something out of an old movie, or the back of a Cracker Barrel.  Walls full of candy jars, boxes, bottles and other things lined the shelves; a fridge stood in the back along with what looked like a soda fountain straight from the age of the greasers.  A rather large man was wiping down the counter as he looked up, brown eyes smiling under the wrinkles.  He began to walk, a thumping sound following him as he did.

“well…that’s why he’s called thumper I guess…” Serach whispered as Zack and Crystal gave her a nudge

“Well as I live and breath, if it ain’t the cousins Sheehy!” Thumper said smiling with outstretched arms

“UNCLE LARRY!” the duo said running into the hug
“what in the world brings you two here?” Thumper said laughing
“well,  Crystal  inherited the  house so we  decided to spend the summer in the farmhouse” Zack said “you know, get back to the old days”
“we needed to get away from it all for a bit” Crystal said softly “it's… been a rough year”

Zack nodded in agreement.  

“So we decided, since I got the old farm house in the will, to enjoy some of the more simple things in life” Crystal continued “and what better place then a haven from childhood?”
“Y’all came at the right time, everyone seems to be either leaving or on vacation around here” Thumper said with a grin “or they all hit a snag in things are are hiding out” He motioned to the bar “Hey but where are my manners?  I bet you lot are thirsty, and I don’t even know your buddies’ names”

“Oh right…” Crystal pointed at Serach “this is Serach, Aaron and Amora, we just graduated together…”

“Well now, pleased as punch to meet ya’ll” Larry smiled “any friends of these two are friends of mine!”
“Thanks mr…” Aaron started

“AW we’re all friends here, call me thumps!” Thumps said, smacking Aaron on the back hard

“Oof!.. ok thank you thumps….” Aaron gasped, almost face planting
“So Crys and Zacky boy tell us you know everything that goes on” Serach started…
“Yup, well not everything, couldn’t tell ya what laws mean in that legal mumbo jumbo” Thumps joked

“So do you know what happened to all the stores in the Eagle wing shopping center?” Crystal asked “seems kind of strange that they would all be closed down within a month…”
“Yeah, we saw the old pizza place closed down…” Zack said, chuckling a bit and smirking
“Dang owner got himself into a peck o trouble, made a few bad deals, iffin ya know what I mean” Thumper winked as he said this “Now what sodas can I get you kids, and some lunch too, I bet you haven’t eaten in hours”
The group nodded and placed their orders, Crystal began to chuckled “shame most of the places closed but at least we won’t have to suffer the pizza no one loved anymore” Crystal snarked
“that doesn’t explain the other stores being closed …” Serach tilted her head while saying this
“same old story, bad deals and choices threw them into the dustbin” Thumper shrugged as he started to pour the soda orders “heck, between me and the old carnival up the road, ain’t much left of the old guard business wise”

“yeah we met one of the workers by mistake” Zack joked

“We were thinking about going to that fair tonight….” Aaron started to say

“You do not want to go to the fair boy” the clerk said “they say strange things have been happening there for years”
“what do you mean?”

“ever since that fair showed up fifty years ago, people began to disappear…” Thumper leaned in “Others changed, became twisted in the mind, or the body… if they escaped”

“Yeah… If” the clerk gave a strange look as he nodded

“What do you think happened to those that didn’t” Serach asked
“Not one damn clue, maybe dead, or worse” Thumper poured some root beer for the group “I don’t want to find out myself”

“Well, we can agree there is something weird about that place” Amora said, taking a sip from her glass
“yeah we stopped right outside it when we checked our progress to the farmhouse and some weird guy gave us tickets”Crystal said “kind of creepy if you ask me”
“burn’em” thumper said “burn’em and forget you ever even saw that place”

Everyone looked at each other, wondering if this was some joke.  Thumper’s face gave the signal that he was dead serious.  It almost seemed like he was hiding something, something dark

“Ok, we’ll stay way then sir…” Aaron’s voice shook as he said this “promise…”

Thumper only nodded as he regained his smile “good, don’t wanna see you kids end up like the others….”

“Unc…” Crystal started

“yeah darlin” Thumper said, turning to his ‘niece’

“has it really been that bad?”
All she got was a sad look from the man as he put his hat over his heart.

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The next morning brought a very warm day, perfect for exploring, partying and one huge bonfire to welcome the change of pace and the freedom from the adult world.  
"PARTY!" Zack yelled
"YEAH!" everyone else shouted in agreement

"so what should we do first?" Amora asked
"well we got a swimming hole down by the field, we got plenty of room to bbq, dance, explore, we could go to town..." Crystal started
"or check out that creepy fair..." Serach added smirking
"I don't know..." Crystal’s voice wavered as she said that
"Hey we got all summer to do that" zack said, patting Serach on the back
"come on, aren't you curious on what it's all about" Serach gave a look that more often seen in little kids who wanted to go where they were not supposed too
"how about breakfast before we do anything else, I'm starving" Aaron said, trying to change the subject
“Yeah… me too, pass the cereal” Serach said
"Dude are you high all ready?" Amora asked
"Nah man, just haven't eaten since we stopped on the way here last night" Serach said, opening a box of marshmallow mania
"ok breakfast, then we check out the farm, see what we can do with this place" Aaron  said in his best dad voice
"Yeah, we can go to the fair and to town later" Pothead added

The group finished up breakfast quickly just so they would have the chance to see as much of the farm as they could before night.  Stepping outside the first thing everyone noticed was the huge red barn and grey silo that seemed to stand at attention to some unknown entity in the fields.  There also seemed to be a stable nearby, though no one remembered hearing horses, cows or anything like that...

"Where are all the animals?" Amora asked
"oh they got sold when grandma died..." Crystal said a little sadly
"Oh?" Serach tilted her head
"yeah, since no one else really lived here there would be no one to take care of them, so they got sold to people who would keep them as pets" Crystal said
"who would want a pet cow?" zack asked, scratching his head
"same folks who would want a pet pig I guess" Crystal shrugged
"so where should we go then?"  Amora asked
"I say we look around in the barn, or the attic..." Crystal began to list
"I'm gonna start setting up the bonfire" Aaron said
"Yeah, the sooner we get it all set, the sooner we can party around it" zack added
"We should scout around for a place to swim too..." Amora said “I so want to show off my beach bod this year”
"there should be a swimming hole east of the house" Zack said, pointing
"won't the owners get upset if we go swimming in their waters" Amora asked, a little nervous
"nope, cause the owner, me, gives permission to swim there" Crystal said proudly
"how much property did you get?" Aaron gave a confused look
"Quite a bit, but lets not worry about that... we got a summer to enjoy" Crystal said

"I got the sound system ready.  Just gotta get the speakers set up out here" Zack said

While Zack was setting up the last of the electronic equipment and Aaron worked on the bonfire, the girls walked to the old swimming hole.  It seemed fairly bland,  one tree and a tire swing, a typical scene.  Still the water was clear, clean and perfect for swimming.  It felt good to get out of the summer sun and into a cool pond that gave at least one of the girls a feeling they hadn't felt since childhood.  Troubles and worries melted away as they splashed and played as if they were simply five years old again.  

The sun began to set as the smell of burgers, corn and burning oak drifted on the wind.  

"Oh smells like dinner is ready" Crystal said, jumping out of the water
"good, I'm hungry" Amora said, rubbing her stomach
"Me too, plus I could use a puff or two" Serach said “been dying to try that stuff since I got here”

As the teens ate, joked, laughed and enjoyed the fire... the haunting sounds of the carnival drifted on the breeze.  It was joyous, but something underneath made it feel... off... as if there was more to the fair then cotton candy and fast rides.  They looked over at the lights that danced on the horizon; tempting them to come and join the fun; but warning them to stay away.  
"maybe we should go there tomorrow..." Serach said “I mean I know I’m not the only horror buff wanting to see this place” she gave a side eye to Crystal as she spoke
"I don't know..."  "it seems.... off..." Crystal said “and not in a good way”
"Yeah, remember that creep at the window, brrrrrr..." Amora added
"I almost jumped out of my skin when he thumped our window" Aaron added
"Has he ever popped up like that before?" Search asked
"I don't think so, but we never stopped there, we went straight to here on vacations" Zack said
"Fuck..." Serach muttered
"well... it couldn't hurt to take a quick look... could it?" Amora said, hopping to make Search feel better
"we'll see, we still got a farm to explore and town to check out" Zack reminded everyone
"yeah...." Amora said as she handed a cheeseburger to her boyfriend
"Ummm... babe..." Aaron looked at the burger and laughed, shaking his head
"huh... OH SHIT" everyone busted out laughing "Oh god sorry, I forgot..." Amora panicked as she looked for a place to put the cheeseburger
"Nah, its cool... just another story for the summer"  Aaron smiled and gave Amora a kiss
"I'll take it" Zack smiled
Everyone laughed and joked as the fire slowly died down and the strange music from the carnival began to drift across the sky.
Morning: the sounds of food frying and the of the wind going through the fields.  Crystal headed to the kitchen to start breakfast, grabbing a few pots and pans.    Her thoughts were interrupted by someone running down the stairs at full speed.
"Yo!  whatcha making for breakfast?"  It was Serach, her hair in a bun as she  leaned on the railing for a moment to watch her long time friend make food.
"Just some bacon, eggs and pancakes" Crystal replied, holding up turkey and regular bacon
"Ah, thought to bring both kinds, nice" Serach gave the thumbs up while nodding
"Yeah, I kind of want everyone to enjoy, plus we got a lot to explore today, like the town" Crystal said while mixing the batter for the pancakes "plus there are some woods just outside of town that me and Zack  used to explore as kids, I want to see if our spot is still there"
"Nice" Serach said, grabbing the oranges and a juicer off the counter to help "I was thinking of going to the fair too, I mean yeah its creepy but might be fun, plus what's summer without a scare or two"
"I don't know, that place seemed kind of run down" Crystal "hell it seemed kind of... off..."
"Yeah, that's part of the fun" Serach said "hell it might just be a theme thing"
"I guess..." Crystal trailed off
"come on, I know you were curious too, you love that horror stuff" She gave her unsure friend a nudge “Crys how many horror movies have we marathoned, now we get to live one and see if our combined savvy saves us; I know you wouldn’t pass this up”
"true..." Crystal said as she thought about the events from the night before.  Maybe she was right, it might just be a theme.  It wasn't like there was no cell signal there either, they could call for help if needed.  Plus they would stick together.  Besides, maybe the fact it was dark and the guy just kind of... appeared; was the reason they got so freaked out.  
Others began to filter into the kitchen as the two finished cooking.  The conversation shifted from what they were going to do, to what they needed that they forgot, to getting a map of the area.
"We might have to head into town to get a map then." Aaron frowned
"Yeah... otherwise we might end up never making it back to home base" Amora joked
"that would suck!" Serach pouted
"The general store should sell some up to date maps of the area." Crystal said
"Cool!" Serach said “let's head out now!”
"we can see if the drug store carries the pill too.” Amora added
“It should… this place isn’t that conservative… I think…” Crystal trailed off
“plus we can see what eats we can grab if we don’t feel like cooking” Aaron added
“DO NOT GET THE PIZZA HERE!” Crystal and Zack yelled in panicked voices
“why” Serach said “I thought there was no such thing as a truly bad pizza
“Because it tastes like acidic, cardboard shit with rotten milk on top” Zack said
“With rancid meat as well if you get pepperoni” Crystal added
“then what do you recommend?” Aaron asked
“The deli” Zack and Crystal said in unison
“gotcha” Aaron nodded
“so let’s head out then… we’re wasting daylight” Amora said, catching Serach’s excitement
“How about we finish eating first” Zack asked
the group hummed in agreement as they dug into their food
Pills story pt 2
Another part of my story I've been working on, again I could use some tips, critique, that sort of thing

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Night was falling as a black suv drove down a lonely road with nothing but wheat and corn to keep it company.   A mix of rock, metal, rap and what could only be explained as ‘experimental’ blared on the radio.
"So how long before we get there?" the driver Aaron asked
"about two hours I think, it's been a few years..." Crystal said
"How the hell did you get so lucky man?" Serach said, giving the sign of the devil horns to
"Lucky how?" Crystal said, an eyebrow raised
"Getting a farmhouse with a ton of empty land for us to party on all summer, that's how!" Serach
"I had to lose both my parents and grandparents for it... I don't call that lucky, just a consolation prize" Crystal said, looking out the window
"Smart ass" Amora said, mockingly smacking Crystal on the shoulder
"hey, just calling it like I see it..." Crystal said, shrugging a bit and turning back to her window
"so we got everything for a season dedicated to partying, hanging out and just not giving a shit about life?" Zack said quickly
"Well, there is a town five miles from the farmhouse if we run out of food, drinks or other items" Crystal reminded
"well we brought food, a grill, matches, booze, chairs, hammocks..." Aaron started
"weed" Serach said, smirking
"WEED?!  WHAT THE FUCK?!" everyone else shouted
"dude, we get caught with that..." Aaron snapped
"Nah man, I mailed it to your house last week, should be there..." Serach said, pointing to Crystal and Zack
"woof... don't scare me like that" Aaron said, holding his hand over his chest
"You mailed it to the farm house?, well you get points for intelligence... I think..." Crystal tilted her head
"What? you think I'm gonna get us busted by the cops..." Serach said, leaning back in her seat
"Of which my brother is one..." Crystal reminded
"whatever..." Serach waved her hand and smirked
"Hey what about the condoms?" Amora asked
"Aren't you on the pill..." Serach observed
"I got them, various sizes, male and female" Crystal said, digging through a black purse
"And the virgin saves the day" Amora joked
"why do you call me that"Crystal said, raising her eyebrows
"Cause its true" Amora nudged Crystal as she said this
"well... I'm just not ready is all..." Crystal blushed
"Hey what's that up ahead?" Aaron asked, ignoring the bickering

The fair seemed run down, empty, almost haunted.  The posters that once showed people branded as freaks now swung in the wind, tattered, torn and almost reaching for living flesh.  Outside was an old wagon, advertising various charms, potions and other cure-alls once sold in the days of snake oil and barkers.   An eerie creaking filled the air, as if there was still life in the rotted corpse that was this wonderland.
"I remember passing this, but I don't think we ever stopped here" Crystal said almost to herself
"I think it was dead when we were kids" Zack said, scratching his head
"Wonder if anyone is here..." Aaron asked, tapping on the steering wheel
"I doubt it" Zack said shrugging “never seemed that busy to me”
"Hey, let's explore it!" Search Said, unbuckling her seatbelt
"Why?" Amora asked, folding her arms
"Spring break, that's why" Search exclaimed
"Um... isn't this how horror movies start?" Crystal said


A small, strange man held both his hands on the car window, looking eagerly at the now frighten passengers, lifting his bowler hat as if to greet the group.  

"WELCOME WELCOME!  We seem to be having a busy night, yes?" he seemed to grin as he spoke

The group looked on at the strange man as he seemed to motion toward the side of the fence "COME come, we have more room in the back for your vehicle, how many will be joining tonight?" he motioned to the fairground
"ummm... we don't really..." Aaron started
"Now now, don't keep the fair waiting!" the strange man said, almost like an excited child
"Oh we can't... we..." Crystal stuttered as she checked the gps, they were a mile from the farmhouse, what luck "have to get down to my grandparents house, just a mile down"
"Oh?" a look of curiosity crossed the man’s face
"Yeah, we got a lot of stuff to set up, so we should get there and get to work before it's too late at night" Zack added
Everyone in the car chimed in with agreement
"Oh, what a shame, but don't worry, we will be here tomorrow, please join us then, on me" the strange man handed them five tickets "they're good all summer"
"err... thanks..." everyone said at once

The group drove off, stopping at an old, three story farm house.  The house seemed well maintained, clean and very cheery, even in the moonlight.  Behind it there was an old red barn and grey silo along with what seemed to be an endless field of wheat.
"Here we are!" Zack said
"Man, the place hardly changed since we were kids..." Crystal said in a dreamy voice
"well it was maintained until grandma died last month" Zack pointed out as his face began to fall "Too bad I couldn't make the funeral..."
"well you did have that business thing to do, and they wouldn't let you out if it cuz..." Crystal said
"Bet its dusty as hell now" Amora joked
"Well, we can clean it up, shouldn't be too hard..." Crystal said as she was cut off by a shout
"dude!" Serach yelled, holding up a package in a plain brown wrapper
"let me guess, the contraband made it" Aaron half sneered
"Yeah, sweet!" Serach said, fistpumping

Everyone laughed as they started to bring in their things into the house.  Everything seemed untouched from the last time people were there.  Despite the old fashioned look, there were modern conveniences like internet for the partiers to enjoy.  As they unpacked and chose their rooms though... the carnival crept into the back of their head...
What was its deal?
How could a place that run down still be open?
Was it safe?
Should they go?

These were choices they would have to sleep on for now...


Mae Francois
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Favourite genre of music: Rock, some pop, one rap group, country, classical, techno, ect
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